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Daniel Hristov CEO

With Free Call, your visitors can phone or message you in a click. It’s a great way to boost your service, sales and more, and keep your customers happy.

  • Receive visitor calls straight on your existing landline or cell phone
  • Use call recording and never miss a thing
  • Convert your phone number (eg. +1-650-389-5999 ) into clickable Free Call link and let more customers can easily call you
Getting started with Free Call is easy. Simply enter your phone number, choose your Do Not Disturb hours, and let the communication begin!

Free Call Advantages:

Telephone, Live Chat, Messages

Free Calls

    * Customers can call you for FREE from anywhere in the world.
    * All calls go straight to your specified phone numbers.
    You can click on the phone: +1-650-389-5999 to try it.


It is nearly impossible to be available to take calls 24/7 for your customers, and you no longer have to be. When you are not available, Free Call becomes a powerful tool for capturing visitor inquiries. You will receive this inquiries via email.
    Click to Test it by sending an Message

Working Hours

Set the time when you are able to take calls and your visitors will see the Free Call button only during the chosen time. When you are unavailable for a call, visitors can leave you a message and you will never lose a customer.

Get started in under 5 minutes with 3 simple steps:

1. Sign up for FREE CALL.
2. Embed your personal code.
3. Set up phone numbers and opening hours.



We are committed to doing everything possible to grow your business. Therefore, to help your business grow we are providing 15 minutes of Free Calls per month FREE OF CHARGE

Become Premium member and get even more!

  • $26 per month
    Growing Business
    For companies with bigger sites and more visitors
    billed annually or $29 USD month-to-month
  • 250 minutes talk time
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Working Hours
  • Accurate GPS caller location
  • Phone Hyperlink
  • Call Recording
  • 3 months call history
  • $11 per month
    For companies with small sized audiences.
    billed annually or $12 USD month-to-month
  • 60 minutes talk time
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Working Hours
  • GPS caller location on the map
  • Phone Hyperlink
  • $0 per month
    For exploring, testing, and small sites.
    Free Forever
  • 15 minutes talk time
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Working Hours
  • GPS caller location on the map
Need More? We offer larger plans for companies with even more usage.
You can check Free Call Professional and Free Call Enterprise plans.

Or Contact Us to learn more about all Free Call Premium packages  




Some Questions You Might Have

What browsers and operating systems are supported?
The true beauty of Free Call is that it supports all browsers and all operating systems. Only Free Call support all phones, tablets and mobile devices.

Does Free Call supports only US phone numbers?
No! Free Call is international service. It support all countries in the world. Most worldwade mobile carriers are suported. You can check to see if your carrier is supported by clicking on Test with your phone




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